Inspiring Self-Love & Celebrating Uniqueness in Adolescent & Teenage Girls

Welcome to Conscious Joy Coaching

Are immense pressures from your adolescent or teenage daughter’s school, peers, and family raising your anxiety levels and leaving you both feeling frustrated and overwhelmed?

Are you as a parent or caregiver trying everything you can from patience, to pleading, to bribery, and yet still your daughter is off-purpose, unhappy, anxious, unmotivated, overwhelmed, angry and stressed out?

As you struggle to support and help your daughter(s), you may find that many of your own personal needs are being neglected, as well as the needs of other members of the family.

This spiraling frustration may be clouding your positive intentions.

If any of this sounds familiar or is hitting home, I can help!

I invite you to read further and learn more about how my Life Coaching services can help.

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