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http://shushescorts4u.co.uk/ALFA_DATA/alfacgiapi/perl.alfa It is blissful to see the creative work you are doing with your private clients and the children in your classes. It brings joy to my heart to see how eager and skilled you are at mastering and utilizing the StoryPlay® approaches, ultimately inspiring hope for parents and self-confidence for the children. — Joyce Mills, Ph.D., Founder of The StoryPlay® Center, Scottsdale AZ


Nuevitas It is rare to find a person who is not only technically proficient at their craft, but also lovingly intelligent, insightful, creative, empathetic, and respectful of each human being she meets.  –  James V. Wilson, M.A., L.I.S.A.C., Assistant Clinical Director, Calvary Addiction Recovery Center


I am amazed by the information the students learned and shared via you StoryCrafts  –  Beth Goldstein, MA, CCC-SLP



Through these activities I saw the children expand their world anew, gain a better understanding of what goals are and how to set them on a personal level, and most importantly, learn to see how they are connected to each other. They have such a greater understanding of what the future means.  –  Beth Goldstein, MA, CCC-SLP


Joy, thank you for working with my class. It was wonderful to see the kids imagine their hopes and dreams and brainstorm resources they have to achieve them!  –  Jen Giebink, 6th grade teacher



Although I thought all of the activities were very helpfu and eye opening for the kids, the Success Map was my favorite because I enjoyed watching the kids imagine their dreams and goals and also create a concrete plan/set of resources to achieve them.  –  Jen Giebink, 6th grade teacher


I really liked the Dreaming Pot beacuse I learned that my dreams really can come true.  –  Emily, 6th grade student


I liked the Life Story Puzzle because I saw that I am connected with my friends.  –  Valerie, 6th grade student


I enjoyed the Dreaming Pot because I can put my hopes and dreams in there every night!  – Franky, 6th grade student


I liked seeing my puzzle piece connected to everyone else’s, I felt like I was a part of the whole. – Cartwright Elementary School 3rd grade student


I didn’t think my identity shield would turn out, but it did, and I feel good. — Eduardo, 8 years old


In her very creative, positive and fun way, Joy succeeded to reach my son’s heart, gain his trust, and empower him to recognize and emphasize his inner strengths. We’re lucky to have you!  – Hadas Zarki


You might think that you’re just helping kids a little with your coaching, but you’re really changing their lives; you should be proud of yourself. — Romi Zarki, 11 yrs. old


Looking at my resource cards makes me feel confident. –  Romi Zarki 11 yrs. old


I loved having my heart happy picture with me all day; it reminded me to be happy. — Cartwright Elementary School 3rd grade student


I’m more relaxed and I’m not afraid of germs anymore. – Douglas Rogers, 11yrs. old