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Balance, Surrender, Trust & Faith

Ribnitz-Damgarten It’s been months since I last wrote a blog post, and as my mind attempts to
reprimand me and remind me of all my unaccomplished writing intentions, 
I stopped, took three deep breaths, and then consciously decided to
buy ivermectin 6 mg just jump
right in…so here it goes.

It’s been a very interesting, intense and productive 2011 so far. 
Some of the highlights for me in the past several months include:

  • Having back surgery and a long recovery. Ps, I’m all healed now! 🙂
  • Seperating, then reuniting and redefining my love relationship.
  • Welcoming my third nephew into the world.
  • Working my butt off to bring forth my latest business project,
    The StoryPlay® Life Skills Enrichment Program, into five different schools this fall.
  • Meeting, working with, and learning how to Stand Up Paddle Board with my
    amazing friend and business coach Rich German.
  • Taking an incredibly transformative business course with Hiro Boga called
    Become Your Own Business Advisor.
  • Learning that my spiritual teacher and depth mentor has breast cancer and
    then participating in her hair cutting ceremony.
  • Visiting my soul and September 11th birthday brother in Puebla, Mexico,
    then Cancun and Chichen Itza.
  • And most recently returning from a wonderfully restfull and restorative trip to
    Laguna Beach, CA with my newly redefined life partner.

I’d like to talk just a little bit about my Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) experience in Laguna as it describes the theme for me thus far in 2011 which is: Balance, Surrender, Trust & Faith.

Allowing myself to be moved and protected by the water, not pushing against it or trying to control it; surrendering to the flow and movement, grounding and centering then finding my upright balance while at the same time trusting completely that I am safe and being held by the Great Mother Ocean, and finally placing my faith in the Divine Source that All Is Well.

The day was picture perfect. I saw three dolphins playfully glide by as well as a family of seals and a bunch of pelicans happily soaking up the sun and sharing the same resting space on this big beautiful rock about one mile out into the ocean.

I felt peaceful, protected, and so grateful to connect with the ocean and the sea creatures in that way, and I very much look forward to getting out on the water and SUPing again as soon as possible.

And thank you again to Rich German for the SUP lesson and for taking those awsome pictures of me and Jeff with your cool waterproof camera!

So as I confidently move and am moved forward into the final five months of 2011 I intend to continue practicing my life with the Divine Qualities of Balance, Surrender, Trust & Faith and also, of course, with JOY! 🙂

With love and gratitude,

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