Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Life Coaching

Haiger 1. What are the ages of the girls that you work with?
I work with adolescent & teenage girls ages 10-19. And if your daughter is weirdly younger than 10, or older than 19, yes, I will work with them too. 🙂

2. How long will my daughter need coaching?
Our coaching relationship will continue as long as I’m needed, however, our friendship may last a lifetime. My desire and goal is to help your daughter get to that place of inner balance, self-love and increased strength and confidence where I am no longer needed.

3. Is group coaching offered?
Yes, and is structured upon agreement. Please visit the Work with Me page for more information.

4. Will Life Coaching help girls who are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?
Yes, this multisensory and motivational process has been created to effect change in areas such as focusing, problem solving, and time management, as well as strength building and self-confidence.

5. Where and how often are the coaching sessions conducted?
Coaching sessions are scheduled from 1 to 3 times a month depending on your needs. Individual coaching with me typically occurs from the comfort of your own home, via phone or Skype. I could also arrange to meet with you and your daughter at my home office for a small extra fee or at your home. Group coaching sessions are conducted at the client’s location of choice. Please visit the Work With Me page for more information.

6. How does coaching work?
Coaching is a collaborative experience. As with any healing experience, coaching begins with a personal decision — and a commitment. You & your daughter will commit to a particular length of time — in most cases, three months or more — and commit to scheduled coaching sessions, three or four times a month.

During your daughter’s coaching sessions, we’ll meet on the phone or Skype video. I’ll set the tone for each session, with a grounding meditation or visualization. Then, we’ll dive into the biggest priorities, challenges, obstacles, etc. on her plate — like gaining more confidence, happiness or motivation, releasing feelings of  stressanger, & anxiety, quieting negative mental chatter & limiting beliefs, learning how to recognize and develop positive friendships and healthy relationships and so much more. In between scheduled sessions, she’ll have personalized practices & intentions to work on.

7. Do you offer any special coaching packages or other services?
Yes, both individual and group coaching packages are offered, as we all Parent Life Coaching. To read more, visit the Work With Me page.

8. Is follow-up after coaching provided?
Yes, on-going follow-up and support is provided. This helps your daughter act quickly, get continued feedback, stay positive, be more successful, and have the quality of life that she wants and deserves.

Please email me if your question isn’t answered here.

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