Caring For Children

order cytotec online consultation If you can’t find the time to wash the floor,
Who will remember or care?
If you can’t find the time to patch the hole in the blue jeans,
They can just wear another pair.
The dust can sit right there, for tomorrow there will be more,
If the day is too short to bake a cake,
You can always run to the store.
But if I forget to wipe a tear,
Or kiss an injured knee,
Or turn a frown upside down,
Until it chuckles with glee.
Or hear a story, read to me,
Or if I fail to stop a chat,
Or listen to unspoken words that only sad eyes can tell,
If I miss a chance to see the world through these precious eyes,
A flower, A crawling bug, a rainbow in the sky,
A new book, A birthday, then I’ve missed a chance to share the day,
To share the future with a child.
For children I was too busy to hear.
Children come and stay for a short while,
Then they’re gone.
A hundred years from now it will not matter what kind of car I drove,
Or what kind of house I lived in,
But the world may be a better place because I was important,
In the life of a child.

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