My Inspiring Remembrance After last night’s amazing monsoon rain and thunderstorm,
here in Phoenix, AZ, I woke up this morning feeling quite cleansed, very inspired, and incredibly greatful to Mother Earth and Nature!

I was very excited and anxious to get myself downstairs, drink a cup of coffee, and finish the enchanting story I had begun the night before called; buy Lyrica online europe The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry.

As I sat lazily drinking my coffee, reading, and gazing outside at the still gray skies, the rain drops like pearls of water sitting on the leaves, and the ultra-sated, bright green trees and bushes, I came upon a line in the story that gave me pause;

buy isotretinoin cream “Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

I stopped reading for a moment then, as I continued to dreamily peer out at the still wet world that was my backyard, I consciously softened my eyes, jaw, shoulders, and feet, and I asked myself what that beautiful truth meant to me, and this is what I heard:

“When I look with my heart, everything and anything I search for can be found in a single solitary drop of rain.”

“With my heart as my eyes I can clearly see my connection with All That Is, and then I remember my ability to easily and joyfully yield to the impermanence of life, as the present moment is illuminated in love.”

I know, pretty profound huh; I too was surprised, and deeply moved by this insight and remembrance!

With love to All That Is!






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