The Joyful Hummingbird

buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery Inspired by Hiro Boga’s Naranjito most recent blog post,
Power. Brought To You By The Number Eight, 
I thought to share with you all one of my own 
recent awe inspiring experiences.

A few weeks ago, on a cool, spring, Arizona morning, I was sitting on my patio drinking coffee and admiring the beautiful plants, trees, and flowers as they blew and flowed in perfect harmony with the wind, when a joyful hummingbird stopped by to pay me a visit. It was so close that I could hear it buzzing, like a big black bee, and I could see the light playing off
of its rapidly fluttering wings making it appear both red and blue at the same time.

This magnificent creature, known as Joy in Native American animal medicine, was seemingly floating in mid air right in front of my eyes, paradoxically full of motion, yet motionless. I watched in amazement and glory as this playful creature then proceeded to float slowly up into the air, higher and higher, then pausing for a moment at the top, he soared straight down with incredible speed, almost like an airplane falling from the sky.

Just when it seemed like this hummingbird was on a kamikaze mission with a horrible fate, he amazingly veered off to the right before hitting the ground and completed what looked to me like a perfect figure eight, or the sign of infinity. Then, as if he never left, there he was again, buzzing and shining in front of me in all of his glory. The hummingbird then repeated this extraordinarily inspiring act for me, his astounded audience of one, four more glorious times before making his final adieu and swift farewell.

I felt such gratitude, love, and happiness in those moments following that wondrous exhibition. It was clear to me that I was meant to see that remarkable display of conscious joy, and to be reminded that my happiness in each and every moment is my choice and my response-ability.

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