My Amazing Family

buy priligy hydrochloride Tongshan I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Philadelphia where I
introduced my partner Jeff to my amazing family, and celebrated my grandparent’s, Sam and Ruth Wilf’s, 65th wedding anniversary. The day before we flew out of Phoenix, Philadelphia had yet another huge snow storm that was being described as a snowicane.  Many flights were cancelled and I could hear the concern in Jeff’s voice regarding our early flight the next day, but I just had a feeling that everything would be ok and and that our flight would depart as scheduled.

So, it turned out that my feeling was right on, and although the capitan gave us a brief scare when he announced that we would be grounded for 2 hours before taking off, sending out an echo of groans from the passengers, we were airborn shortly after his announcement; all was well.

Our taxi drive to my grandparent’s house was quite beautiful as the city was covered in a blanket of snow.  I hadn’t seen snow for several years, as I live in Arizona, and was as giddy as a little girl.  Jeff and I had so much fun playing with my niece and nephew, throwing snowballs and making snowmen, and I was cozy warm and thrilled to death to be wearing for the first time; my winter coat, scarf, and most of all, my Ugg’s! : )

I made sure Jeff got the full tourist tour of Philadelphia.  We saw the Picasso exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, (running up the steps just like Rocky), went on a tour of Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell, and most importantly, ate a cheesesteak with wiz at Jim’s on South Street!

The anniversary party was beautiful!  Most of my cousin’s, aunts and uncles were there, and the room was filled with generations of adoration and love.  Toast after toast was made expressing admiration, love and gratitude.  My grandparent’s are really quite incredible and inspiring, and I felt and feel so grateful to have been born into such an amazing family.

I intend on writing further blogs about Ruth and Sam and their amazing saga.

Goodbye for now.

Love and blessing,

5 Responses to My Amazing Family

  1. I’ve always loved your family and thought they were amazing. How lucky your family is to have eachother and you. I think you will be the one to gain a new and insightful perspective on your family. You will be the one who helps the family to grow and understand things in a different and gratifying way. I enjoy hearing about you and all the exciting things you’re doing through your mom, and now your blog. Hope I’ll see you soon.
    Love, Aunt Marsha


  3. what a beautiful story…I enjoyed reading it so much…your family is indeed amazing and lucky to have you appreciating it…and sharing it with others!