OSHO Meditation of the Week

Consider the Body Limitless

http://wargereavy.com/portfolios/increased-access-to-early-learning-programs-for-children-with-disabilities/ buy accutane in malaysia Close your eyes and imagine that your head has become infinite. Now there are no boundaries to it. It goes on and on and on and there is no boundary to it. Your head has become the whole cosmos, without any boundaries. If you can imagine this, suddenly thoughts will stop. If you can imagine your head as infinite, thinking will not be there. Thinking can exist only in a very narrow mind. The narrower it is, the better for thinking. The greater the mind, the less the thinking, and when the mind becomes total space, there is no thinking at all.

http://littlemagonline.com/tag/accessories/ Try. And it will be good if you try from the head, because that is the base of all illness. Close your eyes, lie down on the ground or sit on a chair and relax. Just look within the head. Feel the walls of the head spreading, expanding. If you feel that it will be very staggering, then try it slowly. First think that your head has come to occupy the whole room. You will actually feel your skin touching the walls. You will feel the coolness of the walls that your skin is touching. You will feel the pressure.

Go on moving. Your head has gone beyond ― now the house has come within your head, then the whole town has come within your head. Go on spreading. Within three months, slowly, you can come to the point where the sun rises in your head, it starts moving in your head. Your head has become infinite. This will give you a deep freedom such as you have never known. And all the misery that belongs to this narrow mind will disappear. In such a state, Upanishadic seers could say, “aham brahmasmi” ― “I am the Divine, I am the Absolute.”

Osho: Excerpted from The Book of Secrets

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