OSHO: Meditation of the Week

Disidentify from your Thoughts

http://coldwatergardens.com/wp/wordpress/wp-class.php Close your eyes, then focus both of them just in the middle of the two eyebrows, as if you are looking there with your two eyes. Give total attention to it.

http://sweethomepolitics.com//wp-content/themes/sketch/content-sample.php At the right point, suddenly your eyes will become fixed. And if your attention is there, you will experience a strange phenomenon: for the first time you will see thoughts running before you; you will become the witness. It is just like a film screen: thoughts are running and you are a witness.

http://nhsevidencetoolkit.net/ichiryumanbaichemical-zeropartner/product10260591/ Ordinarily you are not the witness, you are identified with thoughts. If anger is there, you become anger. If a thought moves you are not the witness; you become one with the thought, identified, and you move with it. You become the thought; you take the form of the thought. When sex is there you become sex, when anger is there you become anger, when greed is there you become greed. Any thought moving becomes identified with you; you do not have any gap between you and the thought.

But focused at the third eye, suddenly you become a witness. Through the third eye you can see thoughts running like clouds in the sky, or people moving on the street.

Excerpted from The Book of Secrets

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