The Five Sided Rock My playful practice the other week was to find a five sided rock, sit with it, My rock
and let it teach me something that would be helpful for me to know. The intention of this practice was to experiment with my senses and to listen to my intuition. So after searching through my parent’s rock garden, I finally saw, felt, and heard the rock that I was meant to borrow. 
The following depicts my experience:

On one side I can i buy gabapentin over the counter in spain see a mother holding her baby; I see a heart. The mother’s head is lighter in color, reminding me of the moon. The baby is shaped as a 3D heart, almost as if the baby is the mother’s heart.

Next, holding the rock up close to my ear, I listen, and I hear the mother shhhing her baby as she gently and lovingly rocks her in her arms.

On the other side of the rock, the smooth side, I feel their connection and togetherness as they blend into one. Back on the 3D side I can feel where the mother’s head ends and the connection to her heart baby begins. I feel the extension and division of the baby’s heart right down the middle, as the left side of her heart blends into her mother’s embrace, leaving the right side of her heart open and exposed to the world; inviting in love and creativity.

I smell the fresh earth all over them and I know that they are safe and protected, for they were before resting in the Great Mother’s womb and will soon be returned home.

As I gently refocus my eyes I see the shape of a bird who is wrapping its wings around its body as if embracing himself. He looks so calm and peaceful. I hear him cooing as he drifts off into sleep; his beating heart singing in his chest. He is home.

When the rock is finished sharing itself with me, I tenderly take it outside, place it on the earth, and form a small cairn with some of its friends, demonstrating the importance of balance.

Just before I turn and enter my house, the rock speaks to me one final time. Its message to me was this: To love and nurture myself; to embrace myself and to courageously expose my love and vulnerability to the world. It told me to be present and peaceful, and to listen to my body’s signals; to mother myself, and to trust myself and the universe.

2 Responses to The Five Sided Rock

  1. Wow, what a beautiful story! I love this exercise and will share it with my children. Thank you.