The Magic Happy Breath

order priligy priligy wholesale Seroquel cheap This StoryPlay® relaxation practice for children was created by my teacher Dr. Joyce Mills.

I will teach it to you as I learned it in my training.
First get into a comfortable position. Then find something Doetinchem
that you enjoy looking at, and let your eyes rest on that spot.
Now that you have that spot…We’ll beging taking a Magic Happy
Breath like this…Breathe in deeply through your nose (you want
your belly to expand or stick out like a balloon if possible), and
hold it for five seconds or so. Then exhale, or let your breath out
slowly, through your mouth, as if you were gently blowing a feather,
(you can hold your hand up to your mouth and pretend you have a feather).
Then check in with your body and notice how wonderful you feel inside.
Repeat two more times, or as many times as you wish. If you are teaching
the Magic Happy Breath to your child, you might want to demonstrate
the inhale and the exhale for them a few times so they can see you do it first.
Happy Breathing!
Until next time…

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