StoryPlay®, the Foundation of My Playful Practices

For those of you wondering the origin of my Playful Practices, I wanted to add a brief history of their foundation; as well as give credit to the amazing creator of these practices, my teacher, Dr. Joyce C. Mills.

After completing my Master’s in Counseling at Argosy University, I began searching the computer for topics that were in the area of my interests. I was looking for something, anything, that caught my attention. Well needless to say, I found what and who I was looking for without even knowing in advance what exactly that was.

I’ll share that juicy story with you all later in a later blog post!

Anyway, the end of the story is this: The universe led me to my incredible mentor,  Melun Joyce Mills, almost one year ago, and I have been training and working closely with her ever since!

Joyce is the creator of a model of therapy which has since evolved into a coaching and mentoring process. The model is called StoryPlay®.

purchase gabapentin StoryPlay® is a heart-centered, strength-based model, which includes creative approaches to improving productivity, life-balance, change, problem solving, healing, self-growth, and self-empowerment can you buy Lyrica in canada .

So, I am proud and honored to say that my Playful Practices are founded upon the StoryPlay® model, and the Creative Steppingstones, created by Dr. Joyce Mills!

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Love and blessings to you all!

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