StoryPlay® & Body-Centered Coaching

What is StoryPlay®?

StoryPlay® was first created by Dr. Joyce C. Mills
as a model of therapy and has since evolved into a coaching and mentoring process.

StoryPlay® is a heart-centered, strength-based model, which provides creative approaches for problem solving, healing, self-growth, and self-empowerment. StoryPlay® uses the foundation of metaphors, storytelling, and play, along with the principles of Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Indigenous teachings.

Why use StoryPlay®?

The StoryPlay® process brings together the elements of story, creativity, and play to form a unique and proven method to effect positive change, healing, and problem solving; as well as improving productivity, life-balance, self-growth, and self-empowerment. StoryPlay® draws on the natural inner resources, skills, imagination, and strengths of each individual to create growth and change.

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“It is blissful to see the creative work you are doing with your private clients and the children in your classes. It brings joy to my heart to see how eager and skilled you are at mastering and utilizing the StoryPlay® approaches, ultimately inspiring hope for parents and self-confidence for the children.” — Joyce Mills, Ph.D., Founder of The StoryPlay® Center, Scottsdale AZ

Body-Centered Coaching

What is Body-Centered Coaching?

Body-Centered Coaching, developed by Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC, is based on the premise that the body has a natural intelligence that can offer a new depth of learning and self-awareness. The body is an amazing source of information and an under-utilized resource for learning and change.

Body-Centered Coaching recognizes that the body, mind and soul are different aspects of our whole being, and that these aspects need to be integrated in order for us to experience fulfillment and peace.

What is the Heart of Body-Centered Coaching?

  • Your Authentic Self
  • Being Present, Mindful & Centered (Being mindful means being aware and attuned to body signals, feelings, emotions and thoughts)
  • Experiencing Self-Awareness Through the Body
  • Body Wisdom
  • Embodied Wholeness

What does Body-Centered Coaching involve?

Being intuitive about the language and signals the body is sending,
interpreting the information, and then integrating it to open many more creative pathways. Participants will learn to use the body to better understand feelings, thoughts, perceptions, memories, intentions and intuition.

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