An Easier Transition

As the new school year quickly approaches and summer vacation comes to an end, you may be noticing that your child is starting to exhibit and experience some back to school anxiety, nerves and fear. 

buy Pregabalin online next day delivery Whether beginning kindergarten, junior high, or high school, a transition and change will be taking place; as each school year is a new school year.

order prednisone for pets As adults, most of us have probably experienced, on one level or another, some sort of fear or resistance to change and transition. Now, having lived through those tenuous school years ourselves, as well as through many other life changes and ‘new beginnings,’ we are probably better equipped today to self-nurture our way through these stressful times and situations. We may choose to comfort ourselves by practicing yoga, meditation, or Tai Chi, etc., or maybe we just simply book a reservation at the nearest spa for a relaxing sauna and massage. Well, our children may have not yet acquired or developed the helpful tools needed to cope through these times of transition, and they require just as much nurturing and support in their new school year venture as we would in any of our own life changes. 

With the creative, strength-building, motivational, and playful practices that are included in my Educational Coaching™ services, your child will be supported through this time of transition, and encouraged to reconnect to his and her own inner strengths and resources. In the process, many other changes will take place such as; an increase in self-confidence and esteem, a deeper sense of well-being, an increase in positivity and inspiration, and much more.

So, you might be wondering, what’s the next step?

Just simply pose this question to your child:
Would you like to begin the new school year by feeling confident, self-empowered and prepared
to take on all of the new challenges that await you and are sure to unfold?

If their answer is Yes to the above question, then I invite you to read through my Website for more information on how Educational Coaching™ can help make this new school year transition an easier one for your child and the entire family.

I can be Contacted by email or phone, and am happy to speak with you in regards to your child’s needs, or to answer any other questions and concerns you may have about me or my Educational Coaching™ services.

Please contact me for pricing and availability, and don’t forget to keep checking my Services page to take advantage of the Back to School Special Discount Offer!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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