Work With Me

As all of Conscious Joy Coaching Programs are an individual process of change and transformation, it’s important that our coaching relationship be organic in its duration and time-span.

buy liquid Clomiphene australia My intention is to to promote emotional healing, self-empowerment and inspiration to adolescent and teenage girls, parents and families. My mission is to assist adolescent & teenage girls in remembering and reconnecting to their strengths and inner beauty, and then to continue their growth without me . In other words, I’ll be there for as long as you and your daughter want or need my guidance and support.

My past and current coaching experiences suggest that children who have been with me in coaching for a minimum of three months have shown significant growth and improvement in their focus, motivation and strength-building skills; as well as increased self-confidence/esteem and self-acceptance.

That said, all of the Conscious Joy Coaching Programs are completely personalized and tailored to fit your needs and your goals.

My coaching philosophyYou and your daughter/s deserve to love your life. It’s as simple as that. But loving yourself — and your life — doesn’t just ‘happen’. It takes conscious daily effort. It takes courage. And it takes practice.

The good news?
I’m an excellent person to practice with.

I’ve spent nearly two decades scouring the world, seeking out & studying some of the most powerful healing modalities on the planet.

With me as your coach, your daughter/s, (and you if you’d like), will experience a unique blend of healing techniques — from Body-Centered Coaching, to StoryPlay® self-discovery, to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Together, your daughter/s and I will choose & customize the precise tools needed to build unconditional self-love & acceptance — and we’ll create the present and future that she wants & deserves.

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